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Network Nexus Studios is comprised of several distinct subsidiaries that specialize in various talents. Yet, they are able to harmonize and create; bringing an idea into reality.

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Kozcus Studio

Kozcus Studio is a 2D animation production company owned by Network Nexus Studios. They will handle most of the company's 2D animation endeavors.

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Network Nexus Studios

Network Nexus Studios is a production company specializing in voice-over, composition, and audio post-production. It is also a holding company.


Network Nexus Design

Network Nexus Design is a graphic design company owned by Network Nexus Studios. They create multimedia assets as well as 2D animated advertisements.


Cosmic Latte Studio

Cosmic Latte Studio is a Video game production company owned by Network Nexus Studios. They create Visual Novels and Video games in numerous other genres.


Network Nexus Entertainment

Network Nexus Entertainment is a production company owned by Network Nexus Studios. They handle most of the company's live-action endeavors, podcasts, audio dramas, and community-driven internet-based content.

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Network Nexus Studios ensures the utilization of a diverse pool of Talent by outsourcing our animation, software development, etc.  We ensure we work closely with our partners on certain projects.  We are proud to be partnered with the following companies:

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Gale Dramatis

Gale Dramatis provides sound design for animations, podcasts, audio dramas, and more. Gale Dramatis are Pro tools certified and a registered supplier for the BBC.

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F.I.R.S.T. Institute

F.I.R.S.T. Institute is an entertainment and digital media school based in Orlando, Florida. 


Spare Time

A collective of Brisbanite beat makers and artists who're combining our powers in the pursuit of cultivating a more established Australian beat maker community.

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Kickback Digital

Kickback Digital is a marketing agency specializing in website development, SEO services, content, social media campaigns, and anything else to help your business at an affordable cost.

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